CO2  Capture Systems

Producing Microalgae

We change the game by providing commercially viable Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) systems.  We capture CO2 from industry emissions and turn a cost into a revenue stream.

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Industry CO2 Capture+

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Circular Food Economy

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High Protein, High Antioxidant, Multiple Use Super-plant

Microalgae Can Feed The World

“We urgently need new sources of protein to compete with meat and soy” – The World Economic Forum

  1. Grows rapidly
  2. Provides a sustainable alternative to meat and soya
  3. They generate proteins, fats and carbohydrates (basics of food)
  4. Can contain up to 80% protein (well over double that of soya)
  5. No deforestation. No release of greenhouse gases
  6. Absorbs more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) than any other plant
  7. A key producer of oxygen in the air

More About Microalage
Industry Solutions

Microalgae Uses Today

High Protein Fish Feed

High Protein Animal Feed

Nutritional Supplement

Natural Biostimulant

Cosmetics Ingredient

Pharmaceuticals Ingredient

Bio Fuels

Bio Plastics

Microalgae Production via