The only 100% circular food economy solution.

Nothing is wasted.  Everything is used.

A community based solution that processes local food waste and uses natural processes to recycle everything.

How much more circular can you get?!

How It Works

Waste food is collected from the local community – hotels, restaurants, takeaways, shops, schools, businesses, homes, sports stadia, etc

The waste food is fed into a methaniser where the organic matter breaks down to produce 2 main gases, namely methane and carbon dioxide, plus solids and liquids that are rich in nutrients.

The methane gas is separated and is used to power a generator and/or sold to industry.

The generator provides enough power for the complete system to be self-sufficient in its energy use.  Excess power can be sold to industry.

The second gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), is captured and pumped into a photobioreactor where it is absorbed by the microalgae.

The liquid phase extracted from the methaniser is rich in nutrients and provides the nutrients required by the microalgae to grow.

The solid phase extracted from the methaniser is an organic, nutrient rich compost that can be sold to the local community.

The photobioreactor is designed to produce microalgae.  The nutrient rich liquid and the CO2 from the methaniser are introduced into the photobioreacor together with the initial batch of microalgae.

The microalgae multiply at an extremely rapid rate and is harvested on a daily basis.

The microalgae is sold into industries such as food manufacturing, cosmetics, pharma, biofuel, etc.


A nutrient rich, algal biostimulant is produced during the photosynthesis stage in the photobioreactor.  This biostimulant provides the perfect mix of nutrients to grow plants. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, phytohormones and trace elements. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism of crops by improving root development and germination.  Crops are better able to assimilate nutrients and their irrigation needs are reduced.


The biostimulant is a 100% natural product that increases crop yields by 20 to 35% by increasing their resistance to water stress and by protecting them against diseases.  It is fed into a vertical farm (housed in a  40 foot container) to provide the support and nutrients plants will need to grow strong and survive.  Excess biostimulant is sold to the local community.

Leafy greens as well as micro-greens are grown in the vertical farm, which are harvested on a regular basis and sold to the local community including hotels, restaurants, takeaways, shops, schools, businesses, homes, sports stadia, etc

The circular food economy is completed within the community.  The local community consume the produced food and send their food waste to the system.

Circular Food Economy Benefits

  • Everything is locally sourced and locally produced.

  • As it is a circular food economy, it is a completely sustainable solution.

  • The solution generates no waste and uses everything.

  • Everything is 100% recycled.

  • Everything produced is organic and free from artificial additives and man-made fertilisers.

  • CO2 is captured.  Waste food in landfills emit methane and CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • The solution produces an income that ensures it is commercially feasible.

  • A fantastic place for the local community to learn about how food can be locally produced using technology and nature.

  • ZERO pollution

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